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MSW landfill cap anchor trench design

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RE: MSW landfill cap anchor trench design
I have been asked by a project manager with my company to design an anchor trench for a municipal solid-waste (MSW) landfill that is being capped using a 40-mil LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) geomembrane.

Having read through Designing with Geomembranes 5th edition, I was able to find anchor trench design details for liquid containment liners but not for an anchor trench for a landfill cap. Would you be able to provide some references that could be of use in design?

(Tom | New York)

Reply: It is pretty well the same design as surface impoundments since I covered the geomembrane with a soil layer. With landfill anchor trenches, the normal stress would be higher but the approach would be the same. I did put some text in Section 5.6.8 on landfill covers but it refers back to the liquid containment section.

The above said, my current thinking is very favorable to V-shaped anchor trenches, which are a nice compromise between runout alone and 90 deg bends in the GM that are necessary for vertical configurations.

Thanks for asking.

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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