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Draping and spraying

Q&A: GMA Techline | October 1, 2011 | By:

RE: Draping and spraying
I am looking for a geosynthetic fabric webbing or netting that can be draped and then sprayed with concrete.

(Ted | California)

Reply: I suspect you are talking about shotcrete of gunite and my answer is accordingly.

Fabric-wise, you are probably best with a needle-punched nonwoven since the water/cement paste can infiltrate into the surface of the material. We did tests with concrete placed on such a fabric to investigate the shear strength and it was excellent pushing the shear plane into the noninfiltrated fabric.

Alternatively, an open mesh grid might also work since the penetration of the wet sprayed-on concrete can encapsulate the entire material.

You might consider a few small tests, which should give you great insight.

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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