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Kwig, Alaska, article is popular with readers

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Editor’s Note:Tales from the tundra” prompted the following questions and comments.


From: Reza
RE: fill materials for cell web in Kwig?

Dear Cory,

This was a wonderful story! Are there any gravel materials for cell web filling? Also, did you use any nonwoven geotextile for separation?


From: Abbie Yarger, IFAI Web content specialist
RE: fill materials for cell web


Cory Schneider from Presto Geosystems sent the following response to your questions:

While a geotextile and/or fill are sometimes used with the Geoterra mats that were used for this project [in Kwig, Alaska], in this particular case we did not use either one. The goal of this project was to create a hard-surface trail over the tundra with minimal effects on the existing vegetation/environment. Therefore, the mats were [used] without either a geotextile or fill. Also, the vegetation is now able to grow through these mats, thereby limiting impacts.

Cory Schneider
Business Development Manager
Presto Geosystems


From: Emma
RE: Kwig article

Beautifully written, Cory. Kwig is flat, no trees, no polar bears, but you are able to see the mountains from afar when the weather is nice.

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