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Fire Department determines source of fire at Tensar plant

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Editor’s note: Below is the post-event press release regarding the June 22 fire at the Tensar facility in Morrow, Ga.
—Ron Bygness, editor, Geosynthetics

Atlanta–June 23, 2011—The Fire and Emergency Services Department for Clayton County, Ga. has concluded its investigation into the fire that destroyed plastic products stockpiled in the external storage yard of the Tensar Plant in Morrow, Ga. They have concluded that the fire started accidentally as a result of sparks or heat generated when the plastic material or the metal basket in which it was being moved by a fork lift in the yard, came into contact with the concrete pavement.

The company is in the process of assessing damage and conducting a clean-up before re-starting production. Company President Bob Vevoda thanked the Fire Services and other local authorities for their outstanding efforts working together to bring the fire under control and preventing damage to adjacent buildings.

The fire, which began the afternoon of June 22, was extinguished in the early hours today. All employees were safely evacuated.

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Don Meltzer
CEO, Tensar Corporation
Phone: 678-281-8610

Brad Leone
Fifth Ring Public Relations for Tensar
Tel: 713-457-2139

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