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Editor’s Note: In a comment regarding “Tensar grid wins IGS award,” a reader asked a follow-up question regarding specifications for this particular geogrid.


From: Jorge
Posted: Sept. 17, 2010

Congratulations to Tensar for the award [for TriAx geogrid], but what I would like to know, if it is possible, is the technical data for this grid. I am looking for ultimate strength and 2% and 5% strength, and the reduction factors used for design.

I think that the development is good but could be better if the information that really matters could be available, such as other manufacturing companies provide.


From: Mark Wayne

Tensar has received a number of inquiries such as these pertaining to the availability of material index properties of this [TriAx] geogrid technology. Given the uniqueness of its aperture geometry and rib profile, TriAx material characteristics and mechanical properties are considerably different from conventional biaxial geogrids. Accordingly, it has required the engineering community and Tensar to reassess the relevancy of geogrid index properties to in-ground performance.

First and foremost, we invite readers to attend Geo-Frontiers in March 2011. During this conference, one of the technical paper sessions will focus on this subject. However, in the interim, Tensar International has created a white paper on this topic entitled “Relevancy of Material Properties in Predicting the Performance of Geogrid-Reinforced Roadways.”

Mark H. Wayne, Ph.D., P.E.
Application Technology Manager
Tensar International Corporation

Geosynthetics plans to publish an article on this topic by Dr. J.P. Giroud later this year.

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