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GRI-24 Conference: Optimizing Sustainability Using Geosynthetics

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011 | Dallas, Texas

Excited about the realization of drastic CO2 reductions using geosynthetics, we decided to build our annual conference around such a sustainability theme. GRI-24 is in Dallas, Texas on March 16, 2011, and is embedded into the larger Geo-Frontiers 2011 Conference March 13–16 at the same location (organized by IFAI).

(Tentative Program)
The keynote lecture will be by Russell Jones of Golder Associates (U.K.) who was one of the authors of the WRAP report. Dr. Jones will be followed by two sessions (morning and afternoon):

Session I—Transportation/Geotechnical Related

  1. Keynote Lecture
  2. John Henderson of TenCate on “Paving Fabrics”
  3. Thomas Egloffstein of ICP Consultants on “Subgrade Stabilization”
  4. George Koerner of GSI on “Plastic Pipe”
  5. Sam Allen of TRI on “Erosion Control”
  6. Richard Goodrum of Colbond on “Green Roofs”
  7. Garry Gregory of Oklahoma State University on “Embankment Enhancement”
  8. Archie Filshill of CETCO Contracting on “Storm Water Retention Systems”
  9. Kent von Maubeuge of NAUE on “Climate Changing Gases”

Session II—Environmental/Hydraulic Related

  1. Don Hulllings of Jones Edmunds on “Landfill Footprint”
  2. Doug Brown of Tensar on “Landfill Berms”
  3. Chris Athanassopoulos of CETCO on “GCLs vs. CCLs”
  4. Aigen Zhao of Syntec on “Drainage Geocomposites”
  5. Paul Oliveira of Firestone on “Geomembranes in Reservoirs”
  6. Boyd Ramsey of GSE on “Geosynthetic Installation Issues”
  7. Michael Ayers of Agru on “Synthetic Turf”
  8. Archie Filshill of CETCO Contracting on “Nanocomposites”
  9. Grace Hsuan of Drexel University on “Geosynthetics to Produce Algae”
  10. Wayne Hsieh of GSI Taiwan on “Asian Perspectives”
  11. Bob Koerner of GSI on “Exposed Geomembrane Landfill Covers”

Please join us in Dallas!

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