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Comments and a question for the GMA Techline doctor

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Red or white?

I am writing to respond to the April/May issue of Geosynthetics, specifically to the GMA Techline Q & A. The GMA Techline is a valuable element of the magazine, one that I read fervently.

I have several comments and a question for Dr. Koerner.

The question from Claudia on the comparison of standard results from ASTM and ISO methods is a good discussion topic—possibly an article in Geosynthetics describing, in general, the salient differences between the methods would be of assistance to those wrestling with international specifications.

The question from Gabriela asking about references to work done on pH and geogrids in masonry units is a recurring question that both GSI and the FHWA have spent considerable time and effort on. While many in the industry have seen the reports and research, many in the general engineering community simply are not aware of the work done to date on the FHWA guidelines.

Finally, however, I must take issue with the response Dr. Koerner provided to the last question, from John, relating to geocomposite drainage. Specifically, has the good doctor given due consideration to red wine as well as white? There are numerous blends and many vintners who produce excellent reds, be they a cabernet, shiraz, merlot, etc. While white wine may be the summer drink of choice for many, nothing beats the delicious taste of a nice glass of chianti after a hard day at the office.

John Paulson, P.E., REDI Engineering Inc., Alpharetta, Ga.

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