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Technical articles on geosynthetics

Q&A: GMA Techline | April 1, 2009 | By:

Subject: Student advice — I am a student in my final year in civil engineering. I have decided to do my final year project on geosynthetics for which I need some information. I would like to know about some of the testing methods that could be adopted to prove the characteristics of geosynthetics such as compressive, tensile, and shear strength, etc. If you can send to me any other required information related to geosynthetics, it will be very useful for my project. (Bhuvaneshwari, U.K.)

Reply: There are probably 30,000 technical articles on geosynthetics at the current time. Your university library can readily access many of them. Also, the newer ones are available on-line.

Regarding test methods, there are two organizations writing standards: ASTM and ISO. Both are available on the Internet for direct access. These organizations develop test methods, guides, practices, and specifications. It depends what you are looking for.

As you have more direct questions, please ask them accordingly.

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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