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GSE cited by IGS

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The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) Awards Committee, at its meeting held in June in Cardiff, Wales, voted unanimously to award GSE Lining Technology with an IGS Award for the submission: “Comprehensive design guidance for geosynthetic materials.” The award was presented to company principals at the 8th International Conference on Geosynthetics in Yokohama, Japan, on Sept. 22 during the IGS General Assembly.

The words of citation:

The IGS Award is given to IGS corporate member GSE Lining Technology for compiling and publishing a series of manuals that provide design guidance, technical information and installation methodologies for a broad range of geosynthetics applications. This information was compiled in a set of four CDs that are freely available to the geosynthetics community. The technical sections of the manuals were authored by well-recognized geosynthetic experts: Dr. Dhani Narejo, Mr. Greg Corcoran, Dr. J.P. Giroud, Dr. Edward Kavazanjian, Dr. David E. Daniel, Mr. Richard Thiel, Mr. Richard B. Erickson, Dr. Robert C. Bacchus and Dr. Te-Yang Soong. Collectively, the manuals are a valuable resource that organizes a large body of theoretical and practical knowledge, and product information that advances the use of geosynthetics and is of great value to design engineers.

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