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Measuring puncture resistance

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RE: Measuring puncture resistance
How can I measure hydrostatic puncture resistance of a geomembrane in the field with different conditions (with or without geotextile)? [My company] uses geomembrane in agricultural pools.


Reply: The test you are looking for is ASTM D5716. It is a large burst test conducted by air inflation of the geomembrane contained within a pressure vessel. Upon burst, the resulting pressure/deformation response can be analytically converted to stress/strain. Minimum strain values of 50% are sometimes seen in performance specifications. (See the accompanying photo at right.)

My concern about conducting the test is that the default pressure rate is 1.0 psi/min. This is very fast for crystalline geomembranes in that stress relaxation cannot occur and low values of strain are generated. Research is ongoing as to the effects of slower pressurization rates.

For commercial labs that perform the test go to:
You will find a list of five of them.

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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