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XR Embedment Strips

| February 1, 2020 | By:

Seaman Corp.

Seaman Corp. has brought polymer embedment technology to the petroleum secondary containment market with the XR® Embedment Strips. These are made of XR-5 polymer and thus weldable to all XR products. The strips provide a 3.75-inch wide surface for welding the XR-5 to the linear surface, minimizing or eliminating the need for mechanical battening. The polymer is dense and has no concerns with stress cracking, making the XR-5 system the right one for secondary containment applications. Petroleum secondary containment applications typically terminate the geomembrane at either a perimeter earthen trench or at a perimeter concrete/block wall. XR Embedment Strips are cast into the concrete with new construction applications, providing a more economical installation and lower long-term maintenance. Similarly, any XR-5 termination at a new construction concrete wall can employ the strips, such as headwalls, concrete pads, concrete ditches or any cast-in-place surface.

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