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XR-5 9146 High-Strength Geomembrane

| February 1, 2020 | By:

Seaman Corp.

A higher strength version of the XR-5® Geomembrane has been brought to the market for those applications that demand even higher long-term strength, durability and puncture resistance. The 9146 XR-5 is manufactured in three grades: industrial, potable water and low temperature. Applications include potable water tank baffles, high-puncture-resistant impoundment liners for oil/gas and secondary containment systems. Very high strength while maintaining flexibility are key features of the 9146 XR-5. Factory fabrication of large sheets minimizes field seams. The polymer is non-crystalline, with no stress cracking concerns and no need for protective cover to prevent thermal expansion-contraction issues. Deep, vertical tanks can incorporate synthetic short circuit barriers; impoundments in rough terrain can use synthetic alternatives to natural materials.

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