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TYPAR Geocell

| February 1, 2023 | By:

TYPAR Geosynthetics

TYPAR GEOCELL utilizes the strength and permeability of a geotextile to create a 3D cellular confinement system. The cell walls are permeable to water, air and nutrients, increasing stability and vegetative performance. The TYPAR GEOCELL system ships in compacted panel form and expands into a honeycomb formation to the desired shape and dimension on-site. The unique, lightweight, flexible material conforms to surface variations to improve ease of installation while resisting impact damage. The cellular structure of the TYPAR GEOCELL system improves resistance to erosive forces on steep, unstable or sloped surfaces exposed to severe hydraulic or mechanical stresses. Variable cell depths and diameters provide cost-effective options for protection up to 1:1 (45 deg) slopes. TYPAR GEOCELL cells transfer downward forces laterally, reducing loads on underlying soils. The cellular confinement system is an ideal solution.

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