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TechGeo Mattress

| February 1, 2023 | By:

TechFab India

TechFab India introduces an innovative, sustainable solution, TechGeo Mattress, which controls soil erosion at river banks and coastal areas. Major advantages of the TechGeo Mattress protection system include a flexible and robust protection system that promotes natural vegetation growth, and reduces the uplift pressure due to its permeable structure. It has less O&M cost, is highly UV resistant (>80% @ 500 Hrs), has an aesthetic green look with rapid installation, and is economical, efficient and easy to transport. TechGeo Mattress (TGM) is a double-layered 3D tubular green mattress used to form a protection system at the seashore and over the surface of a water channel. Primary application areas are river engineering: river bank protection, canal lining, soil erosion control, bridge abutment and pier protection, reservoir lining, river training works and landscaping over slopes; and ocean engineering: sea shore protection, sea wall and revetments, and spurs and groynes.

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