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RhinoMat 1000 Reinforced Composite Geomembrane

| February 1, 2020 | By:

Owens Corning

RhinoMat® 1000 Reinforced Composite Geomembrane is ideal for containment applications such as agriculture, aquaculture, mining and energy, secondary containment, wastewater lagoons and landfill covers. Retention applications include golf course ponds, stormwater management, irrigation storage, canal liners and potable water reservoirs. Flexible construction enables efficient seaming of a wide variety of panel shapes and sizes. Factory fabrication reduces field seaming time and time-consuming destructive field tests. It also allows for customized panels to accelerate installation. A high-density polyethylene (HDPE) high-strength woven core provides outstanding dimensional strength and stability. Engineered linear low-density polyethylene/low-density polyethylene (LLDPE/LDPE) coating provides flexibility, chemical resistance and protection against ultraviolet light, ozone and oxidation.

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