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| March 12, 2021 | By:

AGRU America Inc.

For geomembrane installers who are constantly spending time cleaning and preparing the liner prior to field welds, AGRU CleanSeam is a new geomembrane product configuration that provides a simple, fast way to prepare the weld area. Unlike existing methods that rely on time-consuming manual inspections and cleaning, AGRU CleanSeam protective strip is removed directly before welding occurs and leaves behind no residue—only clean, weld-ready geomembrane. AGRU CleanSeam can be directly integrated into all AGRU geomembrane liners to provide significant time and cost savings during the weld phase of geomembrane installation by mitigating the risk of particle buildup. The protective release film protects the geomembrane weld edges from exposure to field conditions, greatly reducing the potential for fine soils, waste materials and stockpile dust from coming into contact with seaming areas during or prior to installation.

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