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Accelerated Pavement Testing

| February 1, 2020 | By:

TRI Environmental Inc.

TRI operates a full-scale accelerated pavement testing lab to simulate truck traffic on road test sections. The key element in this lab is an accelerated pavement tester (APT). TRI also has a large cyclic plate load (CPL) testing device to determine performance of a variety of simulations. An unlimited number of custom test configurations can be built, tested and monitored using these facilities. Applications might include roadways, geosynthetic-reinforced pavements, rail and more. Performance data is needed by manufacturers to establish the benefit of using their product. As an independent testing lab, TRI is a credible source of reliable and accurate performance data. Because tests can be conducted at full-scale or near full-scale and are built in a highly controlled manner, test data can be directly related to full-scale field applications.

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