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Tiltex 10B and Sandmat erosion and drainage control for Newmont mines

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Tiltex 10B basalt fiber-enhanced anti-cracking geosynthetic cementitious composite mat (GCCM) and Sandmat drainage geocomposite were chosen by Newmont Telfer Gold Mine in Telfer, Australia for ground surface barrier erosion control to the box cut benched batter sidings to the underground mine access tunnel entrance.

Newmont Telfer Gold Mine box cut scour and drainage protection with exclusive Tiltex 10B and Sandmat geocomposite.

Tiltex 10B was an ideal fit for controlling erosion on steep, benched batters to Newcrest’s box cut project. Sandmat was placed underneath Tiltex 10B to further control seepage and conveyance to prevent erosion and displacement of the subsoil. Sandmat is a geocomposite material impregnated with a layer of quartz sand, needle punched between two layers of non-woven geotextile fabric which formed a high strength, robust protection and drainage layer.

Safety was paramount to a controlled deployment of Sandmat and Tiltex 10B rolls over long and steep batters of the box cut. Tiltex 10B GCCM was selected over revetment mattress, shotcrete and other GCCM alternatives due to a number of factors including high compressive and flexural strength, durability and wide panel widths plus Tiltex Australia’s vast installation expertise.

Tiltex Australia customized the Tiltex 10B roll lengths to suit the varying batter lengths of the box cut design to reduce costs and minimize additional time of steep batters.

Layout of Tiltex 10B GCCM panels 5 meters wide.
Layout of other GCCM panel option not used – 1.1 meter wide.

A reduced number of panels and seams equates to less install time resulting in significant cost and material savings; reduced material wastage by 2,000m2 saving the client over $100,000; and 40% less man hours required working on steep batters.

Further ways Tiltex enhanced the client’s project:

Custom Tiltex 10B GCCM 5m wide rolls in 20m, 25m, 30m and 32m roll lengths were individually sequenced to a panel layout plan then deployed by a crane for placement onto the steep benched batters.

Each Tiltex 10B panel was overlapped longitudinally by 150mm and bonded with STAB 40.

There were no requirements for cross width seaming and soil anchors on batters which reduced the time for Tiltex Australia installers working on slopes with the potential for fatigue.

Tiltex Australia designed and proposed a Safe Work Method Statement for the safe installation of Tiltex 10B GCCM to mine management and mine safety for review and approvals.

Tiltex 10B sheet panel overlaps were seam bonded to create a monolithic impermeable and durable barrier to stop scouring and migration of soil debris from falling onto the tunnel access ramp.

Tiltex 10B rolls were easily freighted to site on B Doubles.

Tiltex 10B 80 MPa cementitious materials are designed with high compressive and flexural strength with impressive durability for high flows and hot conditions.

The project saved time, money and provided a high-quality engineering solution.

Both Tiltex B and Sandmat drainage geocomposite are exclusive to Tiltex Australia. The exclusive Tiltex B range (concrete in a roll) with enhanced basalt fiber, provides 80MPa compressive strength, 16.1MPa flexural strength and is available in 5m wide x 20m long rolls and can be customized. Tiltex B range is used for erosion control throughout Australia and internationally for civilian and military applications. The company provides full turnkey solutions with engineering design, product supply and full installation. Learn more about Tiltex Australia here.

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