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Las Pulgas Landfill winterization project wins environmental award

News | July 3, 2024 | By:

Layfield USA Corp., in conjunction with the U.S. Navy/U.S. Marine Corps, Aecom Engineering, and the general contractor Orion Construction, has announced that the Las Pulgas Landfill winterization project was awarded the prestigious Project of the Year Award in the Environmental Category from the American Public Works Association. This award recognizes Layfield’s commitment to protecting the environment by using innovative geosynthetic solutions.

With the anticipated heavy winter rainstorms of 2024, the key focus of the project was the installation of a winterization cover using a 40 mil HDPE geomembrane. This material was deployed over the existing slope liner of the Las Pulgas Landfill located on the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. The 40 mil HDPE geomembrane was anchored in a new trench at the top of the slope with a grid of sandbags and rope to prevent wind from damaging the winterization cover. Beginning on Dec 26, 2024, the entire project was completed over a five-week period.

The successful completion of the Las Pulgas Landfill winterization project exemplifies Layfield’s expertise, responsiveness, and dedication to environmental preservation. Through innovative solutions and efficient execution, the company continues to set the standard for excellence in geosynthetics, contributing to the preservation of landscapes and ecosystems. Learn more about Layfield Group here.

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