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Etihad Stadium project underway

News | June 26, 2024 | By:

Cara Construction, a customer of Precon Products, recently embarked on a substantial and exciting project at the Etihad Stadium, home to Manchester City Football Club in Manchester, UK. The project was focused on extending the stadium to allow for extra capacity. 

Precon’s northern area sales manager Shane Hobson met with Cara Construction’s buyer for this project alongside their managing director to discuss the project in depth, accurately assessing how Precon Products could best assist in this project. Hobson played a pivotal role by recommending high-performance cost-effective solutions that could be readily available and delivered to the site.

Due to Precon’s purpose-built machinery and skilled operatives, the company was able to produce Conform 2 to Cara Construction’s exact requirements. The permanent formwork was used for 4m deep steel reinforced pile caps and it greatly helped with a good level of strength to hold the back fill away from the reinforcement.

Solmax Miragrid is a knitted geogrid made from high tenacity polyester yarn, covered by a black polymeric coating which provides tensile strength. Its woven geotextiles are high-strength and durable with good water permeability. The Miragrid and the woven geotextiles supplied helped with ground stabilization for plant movement on site.

Fosroc Conbextra GP is a high-flow, non-shrink grout which can be used for the cementitious grouting of gap thickness from 10mm to 75mm. Recommended applications include stanchion baseplates, joints between pre-cast concrete panels, grouting applications where pouring access is restricted, anchoring of reinforcing steel bars, and installation of tie bars.

Conbextra GP has a wide range of advantages. It is high-strength, chloride free and conforms to the requirements of BS EN 15-403 Class R4 and BS EN 1504-6: Anchoring of reinforcing steel bar. Ancillary products included Dywidag GEWI bar, plates and nuts, wax bolt cones and tying wire.

Precon Products are a leading independent supplier of construction products in the UK. Founded in 2008, Precon has rapidly grown to a multi-million-pound company supplying a wide range of contractors nationally. Learn more about Precon Products here.

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