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IGS and GMA sign MOU

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The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) and the Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a general working relationship. The IGS and the GMA seek a partnership with the intention of cooperating and thereby strengthening their respective roles and enhancing their participation in the geosynthetics sector; recognize the need to promote the growth of the appropriate and sustainable use of geosynthetics; and acknowledge that they are committed to developing capacity within their respective spheres of operation.

Left to right standing: Daniel Selander (Vice Chair, GMA Executive Council – WinFab); Fred Chuck (Executive Director, GMA); John Kraus (Executive Director, IGS); Edoardo Zannoni (Vice President, IGS – Knight Piesold Southern Africa). Seated left to right: Bryan Gee (Chairman, GMA Executive Council – Tensar CMC); Sam Allen (President, IGS – TRI Environmental).

The signing took place on April 30, 2024 in Toronto at the GeoAmericas 2024 conference. The MOU was signed by Sam Allen, President, IGS – TRI Environmental; Bryan Gee, Chairman, GMA Executive Council – Tensar CMC; Daniel Selander, Vice Chair, GMA Executive Council – WinFab; Fred Chuck, Executive Director, GMA; John Kraus, Executive Director, IGS; and Edoardo Zannoni, Vice President, IGS – Knight Piesold Southern Africa.

The parties agreed on the following:

• This MOU shall provide a framework for cooperation between the parties;

• the parties agree that the priority task incumbent in cooperation is to support each other’s role in providing all necessary services, events and activities for the promotion of the growth of appropriate and sustainable use of geosynthetics;

• the parties will work towards developing the capacity and the professionalism of each of their units;

• this MOU may be augmented by the parties upon mutual agreement;

• the parties agree to stay in close contact for further consultation and discussion on issues that may arise in the exchange of information and technical cooperation; and

• the parties may draw up procedures and plans and recommend programs of cooperation to achieve the objectives set out in this MOU.

Areas of cooperation

Where funding resources are available, the cooperation between the parties comprises advisory and executive tasks in different fields such as:

Mobilizing Resources: Supporting each other to mobilize resources at international level to implement agreed plans and activities;

Consultation: Presenting advice on topics of mutual interest;

Networking: Enhancing and supporting each other to link up and network with other similar international centers and institutions/think tanks, etc;

Raising Awareness: Public relations activities in relation to the role of engineering practitioners and geosynthetics;

Cooperation and Agreement: Cooperate and agree to lobby and challenge statutory structures of local and central government to facilitate the achievement of the parties’ common aims and objectives in serving the needs of our members and developing/supporting the geosynthetics industry.

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