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COMANCO completes earthwork for landfill cell

News | April 22, 2024 | By:

COMANCO has made significant progress in constructing a new landfill cell in Southwest Florida. 

To meet the client’s need for the cell to be ready as soon as possible, COMANCO moved more than 150,000 CY of dirt, preparing 10 acres of subgrade for a liner in record time.

While doing the earthwork, COMANCO coordinated with its partners Agru and Skaps for the material production and testing to have all geosynthetics delivered on time for installation.

Additionally, COMANCO has its drain crew working on the leachate collection system that lies in the middle of the cell from north to south.

COMMANCO states that everything looks good for getting this cell done quickly and with high quality. Stay tuned for updates on the liner installation. Learn more about COMANCO here

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