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Geotextile quality issues

Q&A: GMA Techline | April 1, 2024 | By:

Q: We are performing certified quality auditing (CQA) at a jobsite and having major quality issues with the geotextile delivered to the site. For example, the mass per unit area is low, all mechanical properties are below specification, the permittivity and apparent opening size (AOS) are low. We are afraid to check the endurance property requirements for the project, which is a geotextile filter below riprap on a slope within a tidal basin. Can you suggest how we can reconcile this issue? 

A: I hope you have good plans and specifications in place. If so, hold true to the task and reject the material. There is an owner and the general public counting on you. In addition, this is not some casual application with mundane (i.e., straightforward) boundary conditions. This application has reversing flow, the possibility of biological and chemical (precipitation) clogging, installation damage concerns and probably a design life of greater than 50 years. In short, a designer spent a lot of time and effort specifying this material. You need to stand strong, even though it is going to be inconvenient and cost much time and money. P.S. Document everything.

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