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ECTC-A sustaibnable industry group for over 30 years

ECTC News | April 1, 2024 | By: Kurt Kelsey

ECTC members at last in-person meeting in Greenville, S.C. Photo courtesy of ECTC.

The Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC) was formed in 1992 with a focus on Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECPs). Over the past 32 years the group has changed and adjusted to the times. Many say ECTC is a sustainable industry group. This year ECTC has its largest membership numbers ever with signs of additional membership growth still coming. Here are some notable activities that happened between 1992 and today that helped the group evolve and survive the test of time:

  • Hydraulic Erosion Control Product (HECP) technology group was added to ECTC.
  • Sediment Retention Fiber Roll (SRFR) technology group was added to ECTC.
  • Erosion and Sediment Control technologies outside of RECPs, HECPs, and SRFRs were welcomed into ECTC.
  • Meetings went from all in-person to a mix of in-person and virtual depending on membership needs.
  • Membership mix expanded from mainly manufacturers to now include component suppliers, material distributors, and test laboratories.  
  • Various pieces of automated equipment were developed by ECTC members to help aid with erosion and sediment control product installation.
  • Recycled and reused material sources have been incorporated into various erosion and sediment control products by ECTC members.
  • Poly-based materials have evolved with programmed degradation technologies from ECTC members.
  • ECTC specification and installation documents have been followed to result in more sustainable, vegetated channel installations in-place of hard armor alternatives.
  • Informational mailings have been replaced by digital communications.
  • ECTC started sponsoring and assisting with industry educational field events.
  • Work has begun on the creation of the 501(C)3 “Environmentally Sustainable Materials Institute,” which would be the first of its type in the industry that we are aware of. 

 ECTC members are committed to being an all-around sustainable industry organization. Please contact Jon Curry, ECTC Executive Director, to learn more about our members, tools, services, and sustainable solutions provided by our group. In addition, there is a complete toolbox of specifications, CAD files, installation videos, fact sheets, etc. online at the all new website.

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