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COMANCO installs stormwater collection pond for gypsum stack at phosphate mine

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COMANCO and Kemron Environmental Services Inc. were selected to help with a gypsum stack closure on a Superfund Site in Mississippi. This closure includes installing a geosynthetic liner system to the gypsum stack to protect the ground from harmful stormwater contact.  

The first phase of this project saw superintendent Carlos and crew complete the stack closure in 2023. This stage consisted of installing WaterShed Geo’s Closure Turf System. The system included 50mil LLDPE Super Gripnet, Engineered Synthetic Turf, Grooming Sand Infill, and installation of HydroBinder along the down drains.  

After the gyp stack is complete, the crew will install a one-layer geomembrane system into a ~ 58-acre stormwater pond at the bottom of the stack. This pond ties directly into the closed gyp stack and houses millions of gallons of stormwater runoff until it can be processed. 

To tie the gyp stack closure geosynthetics into the pond, COMANCO is installing a concrete anchor trench. The trench serves as both a ballast and connection point, so stormwater cannot pass through into the ground at this section. Instead, the water flows directly into the pond. To finish the pond, COMANCO will install an AGRU 40mil LLDPE textured geomembrane.   

Due to the pond’s size and the amount of water it receives, the installation is being split into three sections. The idea is to manage the water onsite by holding water in two sections of the pond while the team works on the available section.  

COMANCO and Kemron completed the first of the three sections just before Thanksgiving 2023. At this stage, COMANCO installed ~ 563,000 square feet of 40mil LLDPE Textured Geomembrane. Now, the team is working on the second section, which is projected to be completed by March 2024. Because they are on the Gulf of Mexico, the team consistently battles severe storms and winds. 

COMANCO & Kemron crews are working diligently and safely to complete this project. Once completed, it is expected to save millions of dollars annually by eliminating the need to process hazardous water. Learn more about COMANCO here.

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