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Tiltex Australia completes Papua New Guinea mining project

News | February 26, 2024 | By:

Tiltex Australia recently supplied 5700m2 of Tiltex B range as part of a large draining project at a large remote gold mine in Papua New Guinea.

Tiltex 10B GCCM was specified as an impermeable barrier to be placed over a 10-meter-wide benched drain to control and convey rainwater and runoff flow across the bench to redirect flow from infiltration through fractured rock to potentially undermine the rock bench.

The site can endure 200mm of rainfall in one event and Tiltex B GCCM was an obvious choice where the placement of five-meter-wide Tiltex B rolls, overlapping with adhesive seaming of the sheet panels to the bench substrate and rock wall, was a fast process.

Tiltex B GCCM cannot be over-hydrated which was an important consideration with the expected heavy rainfall conditions throughout the day and night.

The head of installations at Tiltex Australia trained and supervised the installation by the mining installation team. There was extreme heat and humidity in the tropical climate, as well as heavy rain, making the installation more challenging, but the project was completed ahead of schedule.

Tiltex Australia’s CEO, Mark Curtis, inspected the installed Tiltex B GCCM some months after completion and found the product to be cured hard and performing as intended. Tiltex B GCCM will be considered for other projects on the mine for drainage channels and slopes where high erosion occurs.

Tiltex Australia’s exclusive Tiltex B range, “concrete in a roll” with enhanced basalt fiber, provides 80MPa compressive strength, 16.1MPa flexural strength and is available in 5m wide x 20m long rolls and can be customized. Tiltex B range is used for erosion control throughout Australia and internationally for civilian and military applications. The company provides full turnkey solutions with engineering design, product supply and full installation. Learn more about Tiltex Australia here.

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