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Safeguarding for shallow slope sliding: A sustainable slope stabilization project

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An entertainment park was built on the top of Ba Deo Mountain in Hạ Long, a city on Vietnam’s northern coast. The slope below was covered by a layer of complete weathered and fractured sandstone which is very unstable and easy to slide off after any heavy rainfall. The bottom of the slope is adjacent to residential habitation and will cause debris flow when a heavy rain erodes the slope surface, which has greatly threatened the safety and property of the residents below.

Photo courtesy of ACE Geosynthetics.


Because of the poor geological and drainage condition of the surrounding area, the slope is particularly at risk from landslides. Such situations not only endanger the park on the top, but also seriously affect the residential safety at the toe of the slope. In 2018, a significant landslide up to 20 m wide and 20 m long occurred after days of torrential rain. The owner called for an immediate rehabilitation to stabilize the slope, and also required that the completed structure should be durable, aesthetic, and eco-friendly to the surrounding environment after rehabilitation.

Photo courtesy of ACE Geosynthetics.

Design and construction

A base layer consisting of mixed seeds, fertilizer, and water-bearing material was hydro-sprayed on the slope surface, and the surface was then covered by ACEMat™ R which is manufactured by polymer yarns with a three-dimensional texture structure that can closely integrate the soil and fertilizer together to support vegetation. Finally, 3D diamond-shaped steel wire mesh was then fixed together with ACEMat™ R by using grouted ACENail™ SD Soil Nails. Combined with this is the drainage ditch system to prevent runoff and seepage; surface soil eroded by rainfall can be avoided more effectively, and then stabilize the shallow slope.

Photo courtesy of ACE Geosynthetics.


After construction, the composite protection system for shallow slope sliding treatment completely secured the vulnerable slope. Thanks to the ACEMat™ R, the surface was well-vegetated, which was not only good in regard to the aesthetic consideration but also performed erosion control well. In addition, ACEMat™ R with this flexibility characteristic can be adapted to the local terrain condition and be installed easily. The design of this composite slope protection system with ACEMat™ R totally meets the demands of the eco-friendliness of the neighboring environment. Learn more about ACE Geosynthetics here.

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