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Nebraska DOT deputy director receives national award

News | December 25, 2023 | By:

The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) announces that Moe Jamshidi, NDOT deputy director of operations, has been awarded the Thomas H. MacDonald Memorial Award by the American Association of Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO). 

Established in 1957, the Thomas H. MacDonald Memorial Award recognizes and honors the achievements of a state transportation professional who has provided continuous outstanding service over an extended period or has made exceptional contributions to the art and science of highway engineering. It is AASHTO’s highest award and is presented at its annual meeting each year. 

“Deputy Director Jamshidi is truly a gifted engineer, leader, public servant and most importantly, a mentor,” said Vicki Kramer, director of NDOT. “Over his nearly 40 years at the Nebraska Department of Transportation, he has guided and advised countless individuals at every level of the business, including three agency directors in his deputy position. He has served at all levels within NDOT since he began his NDOT career in 1983, including serving as interim director three separate times. He has devoted all his professional time and attention to one thing: bettering the way people travel.” 

Jamshidi has 39 years of active service toward the art and science of highway engineering. During his 11 years as the chair of the AASHTO Committee on Materials and Pavement, he has overseen the development and approval of numerous test methods, practices and specifications dedicated to long-term pavement performance on highways and interstates. He was personally involved with the implementation of techniques such as the use of I-beams, ultra-high- performance concrete and folded plate girders in bridge and expressway construction. His unique knowledge of technical materials coupled with understanding of relationships with stakeholders, teammates and executives has made him a coveted member of national committees and a respected member of the NDOT team.

Within many areas of NDOT, Jamshidi’s work and guidance has been invaluable. He played a pivotal role in the ‘90s in developing the quality assurance program, establishing a robust system for selecting and accepting materials for Nebraska’s highway construction projects. His diligent efforts also produced the system used to most effectively allocate gas-tax dollars when addressing regional pavement needs, and the highly effective Interstate Task Force, which continues to play a vital role in managing Nebraska’s interstate system. 

“Moe’s legacy at NDOT will always be about his diverse knowledge and the large projects he completed, but more than anything else, it will be about how he cared about the people he leads and the work they produced,” said deputy director of engineering Khalil Jaber. “I’m proud to have worked with Moe for over 30 years. He is the example of excellence in public service for the rest of us to follow for the work he has contributed to NDOT and Nebraska.” 

Previously, Jamshidi has received the AASHTO Resolution of Recognition in 2023, the NDOT Director’s Award in 2019, the AASHTO Subcommittee on Materials Service Award in 2013, and the University of Nebraska Recognition of Service to the Class of 2000. Additionally, during his tenure at NDOT, he has held a diverse history of employment and has served on several national committees. Learn more about Nebraska DOT here.

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