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Improving geosynthetic water and wastewater solutions with GeoCAAB

News | September 22, 2023 | By:

Did you know that geosynthetics are used in over 50% of water and wastewater treatment facilities worldwide? That’s a lot of water! Geosynthetics treat billions of gallons of water daily, helping to keep water clean and safe. However, installing geosynthetic systems requires precision and expertise. Even a minor defect in one of these systems can significantly impact the performance of a water or wastewater treatment system.

GeoCAAB is a computer-aided as-built software that helps geosynthetic installers and engineers improve their work’s efficiency, accuracy, and organization. GeoCAAB uses GPS mapping to create a digital record of the geosynthetic installation, which can verify compliance with design specifications, identify potential defects, and track changes over time.

GeoCAAB combines groundbreaking features into one essential tool for geosynthetic installers and engineers, including:

Real-time data collection: GeoCAAB allows users to collect data in real-time, which helps to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

3D visualization: GeoCAAB provides a 3D visualization of the geosynthetic installation, which helps identify potential defects and track changes over time.

Customizable reports: GeoCAAB can be used to generate custom reports that meet the specific needs of engineers and installers.

Cloud-based storage: GeoCAAB data is stored in the cloud, which makes it accessible from anywhere.

GeoCAAB is a valuable tool for improving the quality of geosynthetic water and wastewater solutions. By using GeoCAAB, engineers and installers reduce the risk of defects, improve efficiency, and save time and money. For more information visit GeoCAAB.

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