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Solmax offers geotextiles solution for flooding 

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A law in the Netherlands requires more and more stormwater management at the municipal level in new construction projects. With MIRAFI® Geolon FW 180, Solmax offers the solution: Rainwater is collected in a buffer system and returned to nature. 

Climate change is increasing the intensity of rainfall in many regions. At the same time, the rain hits very dry soils or sealed surfaces that cannot absorb the precipitation. These developments increase the risk of flooding, especially in countries with high rainfall, such as the Netherlands recently. 

The increased use of geotextiles provides an environmentally friendly solution to current legislation in the Netherlands due to climate change and shrinks elaborate sewage systems.

New law: rainwater management system for new buildings

According to current legislation, effective rainwater and stormwater management solutions are required for new construction projects in the Netherlands, and municipalities must also manage stormwater locally. If the street sewer system is overloaded, the rainwater must be kept on the municipality’s own property and then returned to nature. 

Effective solution for parking lot including stormwater management 

When renovating and enlarging the parking area around a shopping center in Utrecht, the integration of the stormwater management system was already taken into account during the planning phase: With the MIRAFI Geolon FW 180 filter fabric, Solmax provides a highly effective solution for stormwater management and reduces the risk of flooding.  

MIRAFI Geolon FW 180 protects against flooding during heavy rainfall

For this purpose, the geotextile is laid in the ground under the parking lot. Plastic boxes are installed and fastened on top of the filter fabric so that the geotextile encases the boxes and covers the surface. When it rains, the open rainwater boxes with the high-tensile strength, long-term, fine-filter geotextile continuously absorb and hold the percolating water that is automatically filtered through the fabric. 

Once the soil is sufficiently dry, the stored water slowly flows back out of the boxes into the surrounding soil and percolates into the groundwater. The filter fabric prevents the boxes from becoming dirty, so they remain fully functional in the long term. The Joosten company acts as sales partner for the complete solution consisting of plastic boxes and geotextile in the Netherlands. 

Ideal product properties developed for buffering rainwater 

MIRAFI Geolon FW 180 filter fabric is a woven geotextile made of high-density monofilament and tape yarns specifically developed to meet stringent filtration requirements.

The product is suitable for any soil condition and offers these functions and properties: 

– Separation: between sand and water 
– Filtration and water permeability: drainage of water until the area is sufficiently dry 
– High robustness: filtration is maintained over time under load. Dirt, debris and waste are removed.

Environmentally friendly geotextile solution relieves the burden on the sewage system

The system has been used successfully in some European countries for several years and brings massive ecological and economic benefits: The filter fabric keeps the soil moist and the environment intact. Thanks to the functional solution, wastewater systems in cities can be smaller in size in the future, the risk of flooding for the sewer system is reduced, and roads remain dry and suitable for traffic. Information courtesy of Solmax.

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