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Geofabrics enhances manufacturing capabilities with support from Ridat

News | August 25, 2023 | By:

UK-based thermoforming equipment manufacturer Ridat has supplied Geofabrics with a Model 8040AVF Vacuum Forming Machine with Duplex Heater, after being tasked with supporting the company in increasing its production capacity. The 8040AVF has been designed for consistent production of all commonly used thermoformable material of up to 12mm thickness. It provides an automatic vacuum forming cycle and features top and bottom heating with PID control for accurate zone temperature control.

Geofabrics of Leeds, UK, specializes in the manufacture of geotextiles, cuspates and cuspate composites, and geocomposites supplied into a wide range of high-risk civil engineering applications. It manufactures cuspates from high-density polyethylene extruded into a range of different thicknesses.

 The sheet is formed in an extrusion process: semi-molten polymer is extruded through a flat die and these impermeable membranes are then vacuum formed into cuspated cores. Geofabrics’ cuspates are commonly used as a component in a geocomposite, in conjunction with a geotextile filter, in applications such as gas protection systems, cut off walls around contaminated land, rear of bridge abutments and retaining walls, and around buried structures. The installation of the 8040AVF is helping Geofabrics to increase production of its cuspate products. 

The machine’s additional features include automatic sag and height control, a photo-electric safety curtain, high velocity turbo fans that offer quick cooling of the formed product and quick mold changes, and a user-friendly micro-processor system and interface to enable quicker and more efficient diagnostics and control.

Middlesex, UK-based Ridat has more than 60 years of heritage in thermoforming equipment manufacturing and its products are found in over 65 countries across the globe. It has supplied a number of thermoforming machines to Geofabrics in the past. “We are proud of our long-standing relationship with Geofabrics, which has been built up over several years, and we’re delighted to support the company once again with our technical expertise and innovative vacuum forming technology,” said Dipak Sen Gupta, director of Ridat.

“Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental, social and economic impacts of sourcing, transporting and installing quarried aggregate to create drainage solutions for construction projects, and are looking for alternatives,” added Chris Daykin, director of sales at Geofabrics. “Therefore, we are experiencing sustained increases in demand for our cuspated products, as these factory-manufactured solutions can help companies to reduce their carbon footprints and also offer laboratory tested performance. Maximizing productivity while meeting strict sustainability and quality standards was highly important to us, and Dipak and Ridat’s technical team worked closely with Geofabrics to deliver an effective solution that has grown our manufacturing capabilities.”

Ridat provides a one-stop, single source of packaging plant, including manual, semi-automatic and automatic vacuum forming machines and related ancillaries such as blister sealers and roller presses. It offers more than 70 different products. Geofabrics, which was launched in 1990, supplies products for landfill engineering, railway infrastructure, structural drainage, green roofs, passive gas venting, coastal and river defense and invasive plant management.. Visit Geofabrics Ltd. and Ridat. Information courtesy of Interplas Insights.

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