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Tiltex anti-cracking GCCM used for Australian defense project

News | August 17, 2023 | By:

Floodwater from storm cells and wet seasons events in Australia’s Northern Territory can lead to road infrastructure damage that services Australian defense operations and civilian road access.

Tiltex Australia’s 12B Basalt fibre-enhanced geosynthetic cementitious composite mat (GCCM) was approved to be fixed to the road concrete pavement surface and adjacent ground on the upstream and downstream side. Tiltex 12B’s purpose is to protect the road concrete pavement from floodwater scouring and erosion to minimize damage, loss of road access and subsequent rectification costs. 

Tiltex 12B 80MP compressive strength properties and 16.1MPa flexural strength properties provided the quality GCCM protection required. The Tiltex Australia installation crew installed 8,000 square meters of Tiltex 12B to defense road infrastructure where impacted by floodways. 

The engineers designed the installation to not require multiple seaming as required by narrow width GCCMs. Approximately 1.4 kilometers of stainless steel flatbar and over 5,000 anchor fixing screws were used to ensure the Tiltex 12B material’s edge was fixed to the concrete pavement and was able to withstand flood conditions that occur in the area. For the Tiltex 12B GCCM end of roll seam joint, the company used its exclusive STAB 40 adhesive bonding to achieve 39kN/m tensile strength. For more information, visit Tiltex Australia.

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