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AFITEXINOV introduces new logo for DRAINTUBE geocomposite

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DRAINTUBE, the geocomposite solution created by AFITEXINOV and dedicated to fluid drainage (liquid and gas), has a new logo to reflect its unique and innovative nature. This new logo will be deployed on the different mediums dedicated to the solution throughout 2023.

DRAINTUBE is a multi-linear geocomposite (definition according to ASTM D4439 and ISO/TC 221 – ISO DTR 18228-Part 4 terminology). It is composed of weaved and needle-punched polypropylene or polyester geotextiles incorporating ringed and perforated polypropylene drain pipes. The space in between the drain pipes, inside the geocomposite as well as the selected geotextile type, is determined depending on the flow to be flushed. The space between the drain pipes can vary from 250 mm to 2 m.

AFITEXINOV has also developed LYMPHEA, a software enabling accurate dimensioning of the DRAINTUBE solution.

The DRAINTUBE geocomposite serves several purposes in a single product:

The geotextile filter of the DRAINTUBE allows a separation and filtration of the ground particles and its protection as well as a direction of the water up to the drain pipes.

The choice of the geotextile varies depending on the project parameters, the type of soil in contact and stress exerted on the project to guarantee an optimal filtration.

The perforated drain pipes allow a quick drainage and evacuation of fluids (waters, landfill leachates) or of gas toward the outlet designated at the conception stage.

The main advantages of the DRAINTUBE usage are:

Replacement of the granular layers traditionally used for drainage

Flexible product allowing a quick installation by overlap or with connectors

Rapid drainage of fluids, even for low slopes

Drainage characteristics preserved with time–even under heavy loads

The product has been tested under 2.500 kPa constraints. Specific connectors have been developed for gas collection to limit system discharge.

DRAINTUBE offers environmental, economic and social benefits through the replacement of granular draining materials for similar to identical levels of performance:

Environmental benefit: decrease of the aggregate quantity and of the transportation volume needed for an overall project.

Economic benefit: a solution by sqm cheaper than an aggregate layer. The overall project is cheaper.

Social benefit: a shorter construction time, less trucks carrying aggregates.

The DRAINTUBE applications are many and varied:

Construction: under-paving drainage, sports fields drainage, polluted sites and ground drainage.

Landfills: bottom of cell drainage, drainage during cell filling phase, final cover drainage, cell embankment drainage.

Hydraulic structures: drainage under basin, embankment drainage, detection and control of leakage under a waterproof geomembrane.

Mining engineering: mud mangling, under basin drainage, tailing pond covering, and barrier for dry tailing of mining waste materials. For more information visit Afitex Texel.

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