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Biljane Donje Waste Management Center construction includes geomembrane installation

News | July 19, 2023 | By:

In southeastern Europe, the number of waste management centers continues to grow, increasing the need for efficient, flexible and economic solutions for the treatment of very high-load effluents, also complying with European environmental standards.

The new waste management center in Zadar will be built and designed by the Slovenian contractor RIKO.  The operator of the Biljane Donje Waste Management Center has approximately 88,000 tons of mixed waste per year, which will be treated in a Mechanical-Biological Treatment plant (TMB) for waste and will be deposited “in situ.”

The wastewater treatment facility is designed for an average flow of 30 m³/d but can treat up to 50 m³/d, and consists of a high-performance Membrane Bioreactor (MBR ).

The WMC project includes the construction of an administrative building, access roads, infrastructure and roads within the center, an open-type recycling field, a construction waste recycling area, two different waste dumps, a transportation, a covered storage area, a wastewater and landfill gas treatment area, and a mechanical-biological treatment plant.

BELMONT INZENIRING in the Balkans presented the property with the complete package of geosynthetics that was chosen for the construction of the two landfills.

In the case of the installed geomembrane, the success was based on providing the project with the highest safety coefficient that is achieved with the friction angle of ALVATECH HDPE 2FIX (textured on both sides) due to its stud height >0.90mm.

The new waste management center in Zadar represents a high-quality and contemporary alternative to existing landfills. This project is the second reference in Croatia.

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