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Lining a tailings facility on the roof of the world

News | July 10, 2023 | By:

Solmax geomembranes were used to line the tailings facilities of the recently expanded Yulong Copper Mine. The mine located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, on one of the largest copper deposits in China and is important to the economy of the region.

The mine is located in some of the highest elevations in the world. The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has an average altitude of 4,700 m (15,400 ft). The area experiences extreme weather conditions where rain and snowstorms continue for days on end and the UV radiation intensity is high all year round. The extreme conditions make construction difficult and pose challenges to organizing labor resources.

The project needed to recruit technical and labor personnel from Sichuan and Tibet through multiple channels. Bulk material procurement was organized in Chengdu and Xining. The project had high requirements for the on-site living quarters of production service providers and construction personnel. It was also important to find logistics providers with sufficient experience in working in remote and harsh environments to ensure timely and sufficient supply of construction materials.

Due to the harsh environment placing restraints on construction, the timelines for this project were tight. The mining waste containment project was an important construction link. The project required a large quantity of high-quality HDPE geomembrane materials. These materials needed to be durable and able to be safely installed. Because the project was a key construction project of the region, it was important to select a geomembrane manufacturer with a global well-known brand, good business reputation and sufficient production capacity.

Solmax was selected to supply impervious geomembrane for the project because of its excellent and stable performance and good brand reputation. Solmax has supplied more than 270,000 m² (2.9 million ft²) for this project, including more than 180,000 m² (1.9 million ft2) of 1.5 mm smooth HDPE geomembrane and more than 90,000 m2 (970,000 ft2) of 1.5 mm single-side GSE HD geomembrane for lining the waste dump, intercepting reservoir, retaining dam and reservoir area anti-seepage system.

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