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WINFAB announces additional expansion of erosion control blanket production

News | June 13, 2023 | By:

Willacoochee Industrial Fabrics (WINFAB), one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of geotextile and erosion control products, announces additional expansion of erosion control blanket production capacity, continuing on a path to grow production capabilities of WINFAB-branded products made in the United States.

WINFAB headquarters in Nashville, Ga.

“I am pleased to announce the latest expansion of our erosion control production facility in Nashville, Ga. with the purchase of another MST production line for stitched erosion control blankets,” said Eric Booth, vice president of WINFAB. “We have received such strong support from our customer base over the first half of the year that expanding the production capacity of this facility is necessary. WINFAB will continue to capitalize on our vast expertise in manufacturing and value-added customer service in similar ways for years to come. We take pride in being able to offer a diversified mix of geotextile and erosion control products to our customers, and simplifying their sourcing needs all from one manufacturer.”

Starting in 2022, WINFAB engaged in a number of key growth capital projects benefiting the U.S.-based erosion control and geotextile market. At WINFAB’s headquarters and production campus in Nashville, Ga., installation of a nonwoven needlepunch geotextile production line is currently underway. “My vision for WINFAB has always been centered on being a dependable and reliable manufacturing partner, but also a growth company, and our accelerated expansion this year is a direct reflection of our continued commitment to the well-being of the industry in which we participate,” added Larry Booth, WINFAB president. “We value and appreciate our customers loyalty and will continue to invest capital as required to support the needs of our customers.”

Future updates will be forthcoming on the progress of WINFAB’s capital expansion projects. Contact WINFAB if you would like to learn more about other geosynthetic and erosion control products.

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