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Flexible geomembrane chosen to resist harsh Australian conditions

News | June 2, 2023 | By:

Concept Environmental Services recently delivered a 10ml Concept Tank in Pilbara, Western Australia. Concept utilized its unique modular tank construction technology to deliver The Concept Tank in only 22 days. Operational within a month of arrival onsite, they delivered 10 million liters of potable water supply to the mine camp and mine operating activities. With Concepts innovative and flexible design, this allows them to deliver economical and environmentally friendly containment solutions for their clients.

Ahead of project commencement, the Concept team identified challenges to correctly mitigate them. The pre-stressed concrete panels used to form the tank wall enabled The Concept Tank to be reusable and relocatable. This construction method therefore creates a 20% reduction in concrete during manufacture, reducing transport requirements and environmental impacts. The modular concrete panels increase the lifespan of The Concept Tanks, ensuring quality assurance and improved durability over its lifetime. 

Along with Concept’s team of engineers, they engaged with liner specialists to supply and install a geosynthetic liner containment system, which included a floating cover, geomembrane lining and a geotextile protection layer to the ground water storage tank. In accordance with project specifications, the installation of the 0.75mm Enviroliner 6030 Geomembrane was applied to form the leak-proof pond compacted and shaped earthen base.

Enviroliner 6030 is a flexible geomembrane technology with excellent UV resistance and flexibility which provides benefits to a project as such. Its UV resistance properties allowed Concept to overcome the challenge of high UV exposure and high summer temperatures.

Following the recommended application, Concept utilized it as a floating cover system specifically for this potable water application. The implementation of this cover eliminates evaporation and contamination, while improving water quality and reducing water treatment costs. The client was extremely happy with the result of installation, proposing them to fit floating covers on all their existing tanks. Learn more about Concept Environmental Services here.

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