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Ionic Industries announces first sale of graphene geotextile

News | May 30, 2023 | By:

Ionic Industries has signed an agreement for the sale of its first product developed from the company’s portfolio of graphene technologies. Its patented conductive coatings applied to geotextiles are one of the world’s first large-scale applications of graphene technologies and marks a major milestone in the company’s growth.

The supply agreement with GeoFabrics Australasia is for the supply of conductive, coated geotextile for sale by GeoFabrics as their Bidim-C product. The Bidim-C product is used to detect holes and potential leaks in newly constructed dams and water tank projects. The agreement is for the supply of Bidim-C over the next 12 months and will generate up to $1 million in revenue for Ionic.

“These achievements and initiatives mark the beginning of a very exciting period for the company, driving us quickly toward mass production and marketing of graphene-based products,” a company press release stated. “These are the first to market in our portfolio of technologies which will deliver strong returns for the company, and our partners, over the coming years and decades.”

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