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HUESKER introduces high-quality geogrids manufactured from 100% recycled PET

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With ecoLine, HUESKER is the first geosynthetic manufacturer in the world to offer high-quality reinforcement solutions made from recycled raw material, making a fundamental contribution to resource-conserving and sustainable construction with geosynthetics.

The recycled material is obtained from disposed polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and is an engineered equivalent alternative to virgin PET yarn. In addition to identical product properties, the CE marking required in Europe also makes the ecoLine reinforcement products a sustainable alternative for private and public developers.

Moving forward, HUESKER’s well-known and proven polyester product lines, HaTelit C asphalt reinforcement, Fortrac T geogrid and Basetrac Grid base course reinforcement and the extremely strong and durable Stabilenka geogrid are also available in Germany as ecoLine in addition to the original version.

“Our ecoLine products made from recycled yarn are a real and, above all, sustainable alternative that is in no way inferior to the conventional variant in terms of quality, safety and reliability,” said Sven Schröer, CSO HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.

The ecoLine product solutions are characterized by their high quality and are as powerful as products made from virgin yarn. The recycled yarns used have proven original fiber quality and are indistinguishable from virgin yarns, both chemically and mechanically – an important prerequisite for the product. 

“We test all our products very carefully,” added Andreas Elsing, head of product management at HUESKER. “They are only made available to the market when all the necessary evidence has been provided and they meet our high requirements. This naturally also applies to the ecoLine products and the recycled PET yarns used.” 

After extensive test phases, ecoLine products have already been used in practice in recent years, especially abroad, for example in the rehabilitation of Goldsborough Road in South Australia. Through its use, thousands of old PET bottles have been recycled and several tonnes of CO2 saved.

“Climate protection and sustainability are more topical and urgent than ever,” said Sven Schröer. “For this very reason, it is important for us to show that the necessary and important expansion of infrastructure can also function in a resource-saving and CO2-reducing way.”

The prerequisite for this is not only more sustainable alternatives, these solutions need to perform equal to or better than the original products. All HUESKER ecoLine reinforcement products therefore bear the CE mark and can subsequently be used within the European Union with confidence.

With its recycled CE-certified ecoLine, HUESKER is offering public and private developers of earthworks and foundation engineering, road and traffic route construction and mining an even more sustainable alternative. Every kilogram of recycled PET yarn used reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 4.3 kilograms when compared to that of virgin yarn. Extrapolated to the production of geogrids the area of a football field, about 5,500 kilograms of CO2 are saved, which corresponds to a distance of approximately 42,400 kilometers by car or a trip around the entire globe. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, recycling the PET bottles saves valuable resources.

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