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COMANCO prevents groundwater contamination by installing geosynthetic system 

News | March 23, 2023 | By:

COMANCO is installing a geosynthetic system to prevent groundwater contamination in Florida. The team has now completely installed the 50mil super gripnet, followed by synthetic turf and a ballast system of sand infill over the turf.

The ClosureTurf® system used in this project is a new method of capping containment sites. Using Watershed Geo®’s ClosureTurf® instead of classic sod eliminates the need for excess soil and constant maintenance. Project engineer David Ramirez reports they have now groomed 85% of the sand infill and have placed hydrobinder (a cementitious infill) at the down drains to control high-velocity stormwater. 

Superintendent Carlos Garcia and project engineer James Kile have both been on site facilitating the success of this project. Progress has been outstanding despite some challenges caused by poor weather conditions, such as rain, lightning, thunder, and dense fog.

COMANCO’s priority is the safety of its crew, so every day starts with a review of the day’s hazards. The company also ensures the team stays hydrated and takes breaks as needed, especially on high-temperature days. Because quality and communication are also top priorities, all work is documented and communicated with the customer promptly to meet their specifications. Overall, COMANCO solves significant environmental issues using innovative methods that minimize maintenance and promote safety.

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