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Evarplast develops automatic geomembrane welding machine

News | February 14, 2023 | By:

Evarplast, an Iranian producer of plastic welding machines, says its new automatic geomembrane welding machine acts as a small robot that can perform the welding process automatically and continuously. 

“The parameters in these plastic welding machines, developed based on mechatronics science, can be controlled in two analog and digital modes,” says Pooya Tafreshi, Evarplast board of directors member. “They enjoy the ability to accurately control hot air from 40 to 500 degrees Celsius, are lightweight, have easy portability, and the capability of being installed on machines and working non-stop,” Tafreshi said.

Automatic plastic welding machines can be used in the construction, dam construction, water and sewage, landfills, oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The machines are also applied in the welding of industrial fabrics and thermoplastics, flooring for sports facilities, hospitals, trains and buses, as well as in the welding production of travel tents, fabric devices, canopies, camps, residences, and field hospitals.

“So far, dozens of job opportunities have been created indirectly and 10 job opportunities have been created directly in the complex,” Tafreshi added. “In addition, the welding machine has many foreign customers and their sales have brought in foreign currencies for the country.”

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