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Innovation Exchange Webinar Today – Unstable Slope Management Plan and FHWA’s Geosynthetics Mobile Application – Nov. 17 2:00 EST

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The FHWA Innovation Exchange is hosting a webinar today at 2:00 p.m. EST to introduce their new Geosynthetics Mobile Application.  This app arose from work that the Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA) created for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in 2012 that was targeted at being a “pocket guide.” The pocket guide was never published – and therefore the GMA was unable to utilize the information – until the documents were uncovered in 2020 at which point the idea of creating an app arose. GMA has assisted the FHWA in the effort of creating the app.  You can link to the webinar here.

Unstable slopes are prone to failure in the form of landslides and debris flows. Slope failure and rock fall pose risk to human life, property, and road function on a temporary or permanent basis. Faced with the rising cost of these failures, road owners and operators in various geographic locations try to predict or stabilize slope geotechnical hazards, which are often caused by climate-related events such as increased rainfall and loss of vegetation due to wildfires. What factors define an unstable slope? What are the benefits of predicting and managing potential landslides vs. reactive post-event emergency action? Once identified, what techniques can be used to stabilize the slope?

The Federal Highway Administration will host an informative Innovation Exchange webinar with subject matter experts to discuss the benefits of Unstable Slope Management Plans, which provide the ability to rate and prioritize areas for remediation in consideration of limited funds. The webinar will also cover a new mobile app which supplies “back pocket,” easily accessible guidance for mitigating unstable slopes and reinforcing subgrade and embankments.

 To join the webinar:

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Meeting ID:  160 283 8488

Passcode:  066673

If you have questions about this upcoming webinar, please contact Karyn Vandervoort at   For more information on the FHWA Local Aid Support team, please visit:

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