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Geomembrane arc testing kit

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Buckleys’ Geo Pro2 Geomembrane Arc Testing Kit is specifically designed for the post-installation testing of geomembranes before they are put into service. It is a geomembrane integrity testing kit which uses Buckleys’ tried and tested high-voltage DC technology for the postinstallation testing of geomembranes for leaks and faults prior to being placed in service, and can easily test 1000m2 per hour in ideal conditions.

Photo courtesy of Buckleys.

The Geo Pro2 caters to a variety of applications and the wide range of accessories and electrodes available allows it to adapt to specific testing requirements. The Geo Pro2 is the result of an exhaustive research, development and design program which brings the latest technology to the instrument along with a complete redesign of the user interface and a large multi-color display, making navigating its menus easier than ever.

Geo Pro2 is the safest, most intuitive and simple-to-use instrument Buckleys has made yet. Its robust and fully-enclosed design comes with an IP65 rating and enables it to withstand the rigors of daily use in challenging environments with ease.

Compact and portable, the Geo Pro 2 features multi-color display, simple scrolling menu navigation with 12 language options, visual and audible alarm with volume control, automatic output voltage selector via a range of standards, accurate sensitivity control, IP65 ingress protection rating, robust aluminum outer casing, one-year, back-to-base warranty, CE and UKCA-approved specifications, output voltage range: 0.9kV – 40kV, membrane thickness: 13μm – 25.6mm (using NACE SP0274), sensitivity threshold range: 10μA – 450μA (factory-set to 200μA), meter accuracy: =10kV +/- 100V, and built-in test standards: NACE SP0274/NACE SP0490/ NACE SP0188/ ASTM D5172/ASTM G62/ISO 21809-2.

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