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Layfield awarded 275 million gallon reservoir liner and floating cover replacement project

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Layfield USA Corp. was recently awarded a project for the supply and installation of a new chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE) geomembrane liner and floating cover system for the El Toro Regional Reservoir for El Toro Water District. The El Toro Regional Reservoir is a 275 million gallon (1.04 billion liter) potable water storage reservoir located in the City of Mission Viejo, Calif., that services multiple water districts in southern Orange County. El Toro Water District, Santa Margarita Water District, and Moulton Niguel Water District share capacity in the reservoir, making it a regional source of supply.

Photo courtesy of Layfield Environmental Containment.

The project includes the demolition and removal of the old cover system and the fabrication and construction of a new 1,250,000-square-foot (121,000 m2) 60 mil thick CSPE geomembrane liner and 45 mil thick CSPE weighted-tensioned floating cover system. “At 275 million gallons and covering approximately 25 acres of surface area, the El Toro reservoir represents one of the largest floating cover projects in the world and is an extensive scale geosynthetic project,” says Brian Fraser, Layfield vice president of business development.   

After a comprehensive review process on the material selection, the El Toro Water District, working closely with their selected design firm, chose CSPE as the geomembrane material to be used for the floating cover and liner. The decision was based on the long-term performance history of CSPE in hundreds of similar potable water applications and the ability to achieve a 30-year service life, which is 10 years longer than the current Reinforced Polyethylene (RPP) cover and liner are able to provide. The project will begin in late 2022 and is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2023.    

CSPE (formerly Hypalon®) as a geomembrane was developed in the late 1960s. Over its 50-year product history, CSPE has proved to be an excellent material choice for long-term exposed applications for potable and wastewater storage. CSPE is recognized for its outstanding UV properties, chemical resistance, and material flexibility. It is backed by an industry-leading 30-year weathering warranty. It is one of the few materials in the geomembrane industry with a 50-year proven performance history that has passed the test of time.

CSPE geomembrane floating covers are designed and used to protect water by eliminating evaporation and preventing water contamination. Geomembrane liners and floating covers are the most economical way of storing and treating large volumes of drinking water.

Layfield is a leading vertically integrated company involved in the manufacturing, fabrication, and construction of geomembranes, floating covers, geocomposites, and specialty geosynthetics for environmental containment and civil construction applications.  The company manufactures and distributes a wide range of geosynthetic products.    

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