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Drefon polypropylene nonwoven geotextiles

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Polypropylene nonwoven technical textiles produced by Manifattura Fontana SpA are intended for industrial uses, civil engineering works, and agricultural applications. The geotextiles are made of high-tenacity virgin fibers in polypropylene and divided in two families: Drefon® ST (90-500 g/m2) needle-treated and thermofixed, and Drefon® S (120-2000 g/m2) needle-treated only.

Photo courtesy of Manifattura Fontana.

These nonwoven geotextiles are suitable for applications requiring:

Separation – They allow solving problems of mixing between layers of soil with different lithological and geo-mechanical characteristics.

Filtration – They act as a filter in all cases where it is necessary to retain particles subject to entrainment due to the action of fluids in porous media.

Protection – They protect surfaces exposed to mechanical damage.

Drainage – They allow optimizing the effectiveness of drainage systems.

Reinforcement – They act in combination with other structures and materials as a reinforcing element.

Both Manifattura Fontana’s facilities where the products are manufactured have achieved ISO 9001certification for quality management: ISO 14001 for environmental management and ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety management.

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