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Willacoochee Industrial Fabrics (WINFAB) invests in new erosion control production facility

News | July 20, 2022 | By:

In response to growing market demand, Willacoochee Industrial Fabrics, Inc. (WINFAB), a U.S.-based leader in the manufacturing of geosynthetic and erosion control products, is constructing a new manufacturing facility focused on erosion control solutions. Construction is currently underway and high-volume manufacturing (HVM) capability will be completed by January 2023.

Building construction in progress July 2022. Photo courtesy of WINFAB.

The new facility will serve to expand and diversify the company’s capabilities in manufacturing erosion control products. It is located on an 18-acre parcel of land that will allow expansion of the initial 37,500-square-foot facility. The first phase of the expansion is in Nashville, Ga. alongside the already expansive geotextile manufacturing facility. It will primarily produce temporary erosion control blankets, wattles and compost filter socks that will help meet the high demand for erosion control solutions.

“With the construction of this new facility, we will help reduce supply chain complexity and risk as we add to our company’s product portfolio making WINFAB a one-stop shop for quality manufactured construction goods needed to support IIJA-funded projects over the next several years,” says WINFAB President Larry Booth.

“The new facility demonstrates WINFAB’s commitment to the industry and aligns with the company’s commitment to our customers for continued growth and continual improvement in the products and services which we offer,” added WINFAB Vice President Eric Booth. “Developing an erosion-control-centric production facility will also help to facilitate company goals we have established for ourselves to locally source raw materials, reduce the imbedded carbon footprint of infrastructure projects we serve, all the while minimizing waste sent to landfills which is becoming more important to industries and our communities every day.”  

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