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International Geosynthetics Society announces call for candidates for IGS Council and officers

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The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS), in accordance with its bylaws, will hold elections in 2022. IGS members will have the opportunity to elect nine council members, a president and a vice president. Each of the elected members will serve a four-year term, beginning on Sept. 3, 2022.

The council is the governing body of the IGS, responsible for the management of the society in accordance with the IGS bylaws, objectives and policies.

The IGS encourages any IGS member who is interested in furthering the IGS mission to consider standing for election. Council members are required to attend all IGS Council meetings during their tenure. The IGS Council normally meets once a year for a two-day period in conjunction with a major IGS event. IGS Council members are expected to travel to these meetings and actively participate in discussions. Such meetings may take place in any world region, on rotation. Meetings may also be virtual. Council members are also expected to take part in committees established by the council.

The elected IGS Council members whose terms of office will conclude in 2022 are:

  • Ian Fraser, United Kingdom (Treasurer)
  • Edoardo Zannoni, South Africa (Secretary)
  • Takeshi Katsumi, Japan 
  • Pietro Rimoldi, Italy
  • Sam Allen, USA
  • Dimiter Alexiew, Germany
  • Jie Han, USA
  • Jacques Cote, Canada  
  • Preston Kendall, Australia 

Council members may be elected for a maximum of two consecutive terms: Ian Fraser, Edoardo Zannoni, Takeshi Katsumi and Pietro Rimoldi are therefore not eligible for re-election to a council member seat. All other serving council members may stand for re-election.

In addition to nine IGS Council seats, nominations are open for the positions of president and vice president. Both serve on the council, with the president as chair. Any member of the IGS, including those who have served two consecutive terms on the council, may stand for election to the offices of president or vice president.

Call for nominees and how to apply

The call for candidates has officially opened and will also be shared in the January edition of the IGS Newsletter 2022, as well as on the IGS website. The call for nominations will close on March 1, 2022.

All IGS members are encouraged to consider running for council. Candidates should nominate themselves; there is no requirement for a proposer or seconder. Candidates for the positions of president and vice president should clearly state they are standing for these positions. Please submit the following:

  • Your membership number (for verification purposes only)
  • Your country of residence. There is no restriction on the number of candidates from any country or region.
  • A personal statement of no more than 200 words (350 words for president or vice president). This may include a link to an online profile.
  • A photograph of yourself

All documents should be sent by email only to the IGS secretariat manager, Elise Oatman, at on or before March 1, 2022. All documents should be editable—no PDFs please. Please use the email address you have registered with the IGS for your membership.

Announcement of nominees

The IGS will announce the eligible candidates in the March edition of the IGS Newsletter 2022, as well as on the IGS website. This will include candidates’ country of residence, supporting statements and photographs.


Voting instructions will be sent via email to each eligible individual IGS member and each designated representative from the IGS corporate membership. The election will take place April 18 to June 18, 2022. Each member may vote once, and all voting will be done electronically. Please make sure you have submitted an accurate email contact to the IGS, which you can update by logging in to the IGS website (

Announcement of successful candidates

Successful candidates will be announced via the website on July 1, 2022.

The first meeting of the new IGS Council is expected to take place at the EuroGeo7 Conference in Warsaw, Poland, in early September 2022.

If you have any questions or would like any further information on the election process or the responsibilities involved in becoming an IGS Council member, please contact the IGS secretariat manager at

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