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Hawaii geosynthetic highway drainage application

Case Studies | October 26, 2021 | By:

Photograph courtesy of Tiltex

Tiltex 7B geosynthetic cementitious composite mat (GCCM) was recently specified by the Hawaiian Department of Transport for a highway roadside drainage upgrade project.

Due to its ease of application to existing road infrastructure and hot asphaltic road surfacing to Tiltex 7B, fast application time and 11,603-psi (80-MPa) compressive strength, Tiltex 7B Anti-Cracking GCCM was the most cost-effective and highest-quality choice to deliver a fast, strong drainage application next to a major government highway before wet seasons commence.

Tiltex 7B installation had minimal traffic disruption with less equipment required at the roadside than with traditional concrete drain lining methods, which can add complexity and risk of safety and visibility hazards for vehicles and construction workers. The project was completed ahead of schedule with impressive 7,252-psi (50-MPa) compressive strength results after 24 hours. Further, Tiltex 7B applications include erosion control of the adjacent steep slopes and the seal to form a part of the slope stabilization program.

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