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Berry Global CEO appointed as officer for the Alliance to End Plastic Waste

News | October 8, 2021 | By:

Photograph courtesy of Berry Global

Berry Global Group Inc., a manufacturer of packaging materials and geomembranes, announced its chairman and CEO, Tom Salmon, has accepted appointment as an officer of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, a global nonprofit organization. As a founding member and first converter to join the alliance, Berry continues its leadership role to help convene a global network of more than 80 member companies and partners in the mission to end plastic waste in the environment.

Salmon continues to stand behind the power of plastic, known for its versatility, innovation and lower overall environmental impact than other packaging alternatives. Through his leadership, he will help guide the alliance’s decision-making on global projects that are sustainable, circular and scalable businesses.

“The selection of representatives across the sectors signifies the necessary collaboration across the plastics value chain,” said Salmon. “Ending plastic waste is only achievable when organizations partner to increase infrastructure, educate and provide circular solutions to give plastic multiple lives.”

The alliance aims to advance a circular economy for plastic waste by developing, deploying and scaling solutions across four strategic pillars—infrastructure, innovation, education and engagement, and cleanup.

“Tom has been a clear voice on how the plastics value chain can transform to become more sustainable and circular, which are essential shifts if we are to tackle the challenge of plastic waste holistically,” says Jacob Duer, president and CEO of the alliance. “I look forward to the work we can accomplish together to advance a circular economy for plastic waste.”

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