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Presto paver system stabilizes a steep gravel driveway

News | May 14, 2021 | By:

Living in a hillside home offers breathtaking views and plenty of privacy, but it can also present numerous challenges when it comes to landscaping and accessing the property. For homeowners in Fort Davis, Texas, a winding path provided access to their house, but the steep slope of the driveway was a concern. A solution was required to improve the stability and performance of the gravel driveway to prevent erosion and washout.

Typically, gravel is not an ideal infill material for driveways situated on steep slopes. When the gravel is left unconfined, vehicular traffic and stormwater runoff can dislodge the top layer, leading to potholes that require frequent refilling. With a slope ranging from 4:1 to 2:1, the Fort Davis driveway would become unstable over time, leading to safety and maintenance issues.

The homeowners chose the Presto GEOPAVE Porous Pavement System to stabilize the gravel infill and create a stable, low-maintenance driveway surface. A crew of three people installed a total of 1,115 paver units (6,132 square feet [570 m2]) in a herringbone/adjusted curve pattern to accommodate the contours of the driveway leading up the hill. Installers attached the paver units with U-Clip Connectors, which are easy to install without using special equipment. They then filled the units with a crushed aggregate.

The pavers are made from recycled polymer and are designed specifically to contain aggregate infill. The system’s integrally molded mesh bottom holds the infill in place and minimizes aggregate movement under vehicle loading and turning stresses. The pavers are designed to accept everyday traffic and can be designed with the appropriate base to accommodate heavier loads for applications such as emergency and utility lanes.

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